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We would like to acknowledge our current sponsors of Marine Research here at the Center for Coastal Marine Science. Thank you.

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Warren Baker, Cal Poly President, and Mark Smith, Unocal Vice President of Real Estate
Warren Baker, Cal Poly President, and Mark Smith,
Unocal Vice President of Real Estate.

UNOCAL (Founding Supporter)

  • Donation/Gift of Center’s field station
  • Endowment for Two Professors of Marine Science
  • Program Endowment

Unocal donated their pier at Avila Beach to Cal Poly’s College of Science and Mathematics for the establishment of the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences.  Along with the $18 million pier, Unocal donated $3 million for an endowment for continued maintenance of the pier and $500,000 for immediate maintenance issues – a total of $21,500,000

The Cal Poly Pier is owned by the State of California and the California State University system.  However, the pier is not supported by State funds.  The Center for Coastal Marine Sciences is dependent on grants, the income from the endowment established by Unocal, and donations of corporations, alumni and friends to continue our operations and to further develop the Pier as an educational facility.  We would like to thank the following donors for their support of the pier and our marine education program.

Santa Rosa Creek Foundation

The Santa Rosa Creek Foundation is a private family foundation focused on having the largest possible impact on Central California communities. Donor funds were built from strong hands and backs working with relentless diligence and sweat – one orange, one box, one tree, one acre, one crop, one poor worker family at a time.  

Priorities are to dramatically enhance education, research, and public outreach regarding Central California’s coastal ecosystems. In particular, the foundation has a very strong interest in providing unique educational experiences, career training, and support for underrepresented students from the Central Coast and Central Valley regions of California. The below programs and activities continue to grow and shift as the fund matures and we learn what tactics and activities produce the best results over time.

Individual Donors to the Cal Poly Pier Fund

Beverly B. Hardy
Robert A. Larsen

Individual Donors to the Marine Science Display Fund

Paul A. Dubsky
Cynthia and Gregory Eisen
Rodney Grieve
Kelley A. Lounsbury

If you would like to help support the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences please contact:

Benjamin Ruttenberg
Interim Director
Center for Coastal Marine Sciences
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA  93407
(805) 756-2498

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