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Pier Use Application

Submit this form when planning to conduct a class or project at the Cal Poly Pier.  This form helps Marine Operations staff facilitate your work, whether it involves the flowing SeaWater System (SWS), diving from the pier, or access to the ocean.  Please contact Tom Moylan or Jason Felton for more assistance.

Enter the anticipated number of visits to the pier per week to work on your project.
Please provide a detailed description of your project.
Please list any special needs for your project.
Please select all aspects of the pier facilities that you anticipate using. If you are using the Seawater System (SWS), be sure to familiarize yourself with the SWS Use Guidelines, as well as the general Pier Use Guidelines.
Contact Information
List participants in order or responsibility for project logistics. Who should pier staff contact first concerning onsite equipment, aquaria, specimens, etc...
Faculty Sponsor Info
Enter the name of the faculty member sponsoring this project.
Project Member 1 Info
Project Member 2 Info
Project Member 3 Info
Project Member 4 Info
Project Member 5 Info
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